Thursday, 19 July 2012

Back to blogging after a year and a half!

Since I last wrote I have worked at Dolphins Day Nursery, returned for another summer at Fernwood Cove in Maine, been a nanny for 3 wonderful girls in Germany for 8 months, and now I am back home living in Leeds with a new bar job at Leeds Bradford airport. Next stop: Barbados, then in October I begin another adventure in Australia.

2012 has been a year of change. It began with an almighty firework display above Edinburgh castle, a liberating feeling as it appears I was too drunk to acknowledge my fear of fireworks. Perhaps Gin in the answer after all! The New Year was a wonderful excuse for a Fernwood Cove staff reunion, and poor Maria's Edinburgh student flat suffered the consequences. My time back in England for Christmas was magical. It was a 3 week party, full of reunions, food and alcohol, and there were a few tears at Manchester airport as I left everything behind again for my last few months in Bremen. It was wonderful being back home with Michael too, and hard to leave him behind again. Shortly before leaving Bremen, things came to an end between us after almost 3 years. There is just too much I want to do and see in the world right now, and commitment doesn't quite fit into my plans. I often look back on our relationship with wonderful happy memories, and hope for him to always be in my life.

My move to German was the most spontaneous thing I've done so far in my life! Moving to a country completely alone, without speaking a word of their language didn't feel quite as daunting as it sounds, because the idea of going out on my own with the sole aim of making friends excited me more than anything. Sure it got lonely at times, but only when something went wrong at work. I love the idea of now having a wonderful group of friends, whose existance I would have been completely unaware of if I hadn't lived in Bremen; Tom, Eva, Penny, Melvin and Miran... To name a few.

The last year has proven to me that actually, there are lots of unpleasant people in the world, and actually I probably care way too much! I don't want to sound negative or pessimistic, I try to let those words feature in my life as little as possible. In fact I think it's a significant realisation, because it makes nice people move valuable. I avoid having enemies at all costs, regardless of the situation, but of course its only the lovely ones I keep in my life. And now I know never to take them for granted.