Friday, 2 April 2010

A cynical moment

It dawned on me today, whilst catching a snippet of The Sound of Music, how foreign the culture of self-respect and modesty is to young adults today. Lost in Waltz, my eyes followed the sway of dresses that reserved all dignity, the hand shakes and well-mannered gestures that seem to have dissolved in time. All that comes to mind in today’s version of life is fake tan, drugs and short skirts. In some cases it seems girls have more heel than shoe and more attitude than manners: a tasteless combination. In my eyes, clothes that leave nothing to the imagination are highly unappealing, and ultimately less rewarding. Now I sound like an old woman, but I’m not, I’m young and just as crazy as anyone my age, but I just wish sometimes people would take more time perfecting their personality than their body. 

Perhaps I am being too cynical and judgemental, and I’m also a bit of a hypocrite, as I have been swept up in the world of short skirts and high heels, and I have to admit, I have even been tempted by a bottle of ‘Fake Bake’ on a few occasions. It’s only when I am reminded of how life was a hundred years ago that I feel saddened by the way things have changed. 

Bring back the curtsies and real dancing; sometimes I think I was born into the wrong era.

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